Want to make some money referring us to your friends? Sure, You can make more money in one week playing the lottery, than working a full time job, but who wants to always work for it.

Earning Money is easy by referring your friends to Lotto Payload. You can actually build a passive income stream for yourself simply by following the steps below. It doesn’t cost you anything. It is 100% free to start and You can set it up in less than 5 minutes. Lotto Payload will become the most sought after lottery site on the net. With your help it will get there a lot faster. It’s like getting in on the ground floor of facebook. You’ve got the power to grow right along with us. Just follow the steps below to get going.

JV Opportunity

If you want to engage in any Joint Venture opportunities, have an Idea you’d like to share, or would like to request a tracking code get installed.  Feel free to contact me at joe[at]lottopayload[dot]com.

How Much Will I Make?

LottoPayload is a membership site so your commission will keep coming in every month without fail. Depending on the payment structure your referrals have selected will determine how much money will come back to you. Here’s an example. Lets say you refer a friend and they choose to pay by the month. You receive 50% of the sales price as an affiliate, so your take home value would be about $10 bucks right now. Every month thereafter that your referral stays an active member you will receive 25% of the sales price, So about $5 bucks after that. Lets do some simple math, lets say you refer 20 friends. You would get paid $200.00 the first month, and $100.00 a month after that.

Why stop there though?

Who says that you couldn’t go out on your own and start spreading the word at your local lottery retailer? Now lets say after a month you have managed to recruit another 100 people. Now lets run some numbers. 100 referrals X $10 bucks = $1,000.00 for the first month, and $500.00 every month after that. Get where I’m going with this? The power is in the numbers (no pun intended).

How Do I Start Making Money?

We don’t handle the credit cards ourselves, because we don’t want to deal with all the headaches that are associated with that. Instead we use a company named Clickbank. They are the most trusted site on the internet for digital media sales. So, you’ll need to have an account set up with Clickbank (Which is free) Just follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Go to and click on the sign up link at the very top of the screen (Its above the sell products tab). You will be registering an account as an affiliate.

Step 2:

Fill out the sign up form at clickbank and follow the verification instructions that will be emailed to you immediately after your registration. Pay close attention to the account nickname section of the sign up page. You will be using this nickname in the following steps.

Step 3:

You need to Create your referral link. This is how clickbank will know that you are the one made the sale and gives you all the credit. Below is a small snippet of html code. This is a link code. This will just create a clickable link that you can place in an email to send out to all your friends. Alternatively, you can also place this on your own website if you have one.

<a href="http://{YourAffiliateName}">Check Out Lotto Payload</a>

Just replace {YourAffiliateName} with the nickname we spoke about in step 2. So the finished product will look like this.

<a href="">Check Out Lotto Payload</a>

Step 4:

Test Your ClickBank Affiliate Link. You can check that your ClickBank Affiliate Link is set up correctly by following these steps:

Enter your link into a new browser window, and the Lotto Payload website will open. Click through to the ClickBank order form and scroll to the very bottom of the ClickBank order page. You should see your account nickname listed as the affiliate. It will show your ClickBank Affiliate Link name like this:

[affiliate = joeb]

This test proves that your ClickBank Affiliate Link is set up correctly. It also means that your account will be credited with any commissions earned from paying customers!

Step 5:

Email all your friends and tell them to use your link code. It will stay active for 30 days, so just in case they are procrastinators and take their time, you’ll still get paid.


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